Roadmap through the Autism Spectrum

What is the Roadmap through the Autism Spectrum?

These are the steps that you would go through if there is a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. TACA has an excellent visual map of these steps at The links below expand on each part of the map providing relevant information to gain a better understanding.

Year 1

Step 0: Informal Assessment

When you have a gut feeling that something is not right with the development of your child or they are farther behind in reaching their developmental milestones than their peers an informal assessment can be done and brought to your doctor when you request a referral to a specialist.

Respected Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Tools Available Online for Personal Use PDD Assessment Scale

Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT)

The Australian Scale for Asperger’s Syndrome

The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ Test)

Developmental Milestones

Developmental Progress Chart – General Milestones in a Child’s Development (Ages 0-5years)

Possible Indicators of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Step 1: Formal Assessment and Diagnosis

You will need a formal diagnosis for an autism spectrum disorder to receive assistance and funding for therapies and education. Formal assessments will need to be done by a neurologist, a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist and a psychologist. Core symptoms will need to be observed that meet the criteria for diagnosis.

The Criteria for a Diagnosis (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders)

History of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the DSM

The 3 Core Symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

The 3 Groups of Symptoms that Characterize an Autism Spectrum Disorder

 Reference: Core Symptom Differences for Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS

more info to come soon…


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