How to Grieve Missed Milestones

by Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. I came across a post by Emily Coleman where she described how grief not only came after a diagnosis of a disability for her child, but also came after each missed milestone. This grief is hard to share with friends and family who have a typical developing child because there … Continue reading

Helping a Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage Their Anxiety

by Karen Savlov “I cannot ‘come back’ and defend myself. I cannot respond to others. This is scary, beyond scary. It is terrifying. Sometimes the words seem to be accessible, but as I open my mouth they disappear. In the presence of another, I instantly forget what I was going to say. This happens over … Continue reading

How to Let Go and Let God

by Carolyn Cogswell Letting go at all is difficult for many people, because they believe they must always be in control. Letting go and letting God is difficult for them also, because they may not be sure what they believe about God. If they have difficulty trusting another person, how, then, can they trust a God they do not … Continue reading

Steps to Serenity

by Carolyn Cogswell Serenity is a goal for which people in recovery strive “one day at a time.” Faith is the first step, followed by rest and refusal to fear. The popular and oft-quoted “Prayer For Serenity,” or “Serenity Prayer,” by Reinhold Niebuhr contains words that offer comfort to those who long for peace in a … Continue reading

Reduce Stress by Changing Perspectives

by Gini Grey How a stressful situation is viewed determines its effect. It’s easy to reduce stress by changing perspectives. It just requires a new attitude. Difficult situations occur in everyone’s life. How they are viewed and handled can lead to more or less stress. What causes stress in one person’s day may be nothing … Continue reading