Useful Tools from the ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders Survival Kit’

Notes from a presentation by Susan L. McDowell, M.S. Source: Susan’s goal was to provide proactive strategies that would lead to successful encounters with students having autism spectrum disorders. Profile of the Student • Likes/Dislikes: When you know the child can do something, stand your ground, be firm, and don’t back down. Just keep repeating … Continue reading

Asperger’s Syndrome at Work: Why Small Talk Matters

by Barbara Bissonnette If you are like many people with Asperger’s Syndrome, you categorize small talk as a nonsensical NT (neurotypical) ritual where people waste time talking about stupid subjects that no one really cares about. However, small talk is actually a critical workplace skill. It is the first step in establishing those all-important relationships with … Continue reading

iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps – Social Life Skills Apps

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. This is a list of Social Life Skills Apps compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. One of the three core symptoms for an autism spectrum disorder is social impairment. Idioms Idiom Dictionary $1.99 – An idiom is a term requiring some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture, where … Continue reading

How to Overcome Worrying and Anxiety

by Marc Segar – One thing people on the autism spectrum are often particularly good at is worrying – A lot of your efforts in life might be getting a very poor pay-off and you might be finding that everyone around you is speaking freely to each other in a way which seems like nonsense … Continue reading