iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps – Learning Games for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Copyright Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. This is a list of Learning Games for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Apps compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a different way to teach and it is effective with people on the autism spectrum because the teaching method is a structured, direct way to learn. iTunes apps … Continue reading

Reference: Different Techniques or Methods in Teaching ABA

By Autism Spectrum Directory In using the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) teaching method, behavioural science has tested and proven the sequence of how information should be taught and this does not change, but there are different techniques or methods that can be used in each step of the ABA teaching sequence (or trial) to instruct, … Continue reading

Reference: Teaching Sequence (Discrete Trial) Used In Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

By Autism Spectrum Directory ABA Teaching Sequence  (Discrete Trial Training)   Step 1 Step 2 (optional) Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 (optional) Specific instruction, cue or verbal command for a skill or task that you want the person to respond to. Hint or prompt that is given to help the person respond correctly. This … Continue reading

Part 1: What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? How do People on the Autism Spectrum Learn? How is Information Taught Using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)?

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? B.F. Skinner and other psychologists outlined basic principles of behavior which include reinforcement, prompting, fading, shaping, schedules of reinforcement, and other principles. These principles explain the pure science (but not the applied science) of behavior analysis and are used to describe how … Continue reading

Affordable Computer and Internet-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Programs

by Michael Horn One of the evidenced-based interventions for an autism spectrum disorder is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but there are few people certified in ABA so many families and school districts with children on the autism spectrum do not have convenient access to a trained professional. In addition, when a professional is nearby, the … Continue reading