Improving Information Processing and Meaningful Communication with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a communication/social/behavioral information processing disorder. This video explains how you can improve information processing and meaningful communication with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Source: Related Articles: Complete List of All Articles on Autism Spectrum Directory Advertisements

Strategies for Learning and for Social and Emotional Well-Being for People on the Autism Spectrum

Strategies for Learning Ensure the person has some way of telling you what he or she wants or needs. In collaboration with family and speech-language pathologists, determine if augmentative or alternate communication supports need to be explored. Provide information in visual forms, including written words, pictures, symbols or photos. Investigate software packages for graphic symbols. … Continue reading

How to Help Your Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder Begin The School Day (and with the Transitions Throughout the Day)

by Julie Abrams The beginning of the school year, and the start of each school day, can create potentially stressful situations for you and your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Most children with ASD not only need routines, they require them in order to cope with an ever-changing environment. This article is designed to … Continue reading

Supporting the Literacy Development of Students on the Autism Spectrum

© 2005 Paula Kluth Adapted from: P. Kluth (2003). “You’re going to love this kid”: Teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom . Baltimore: Brookes Publishing While students with autism are increasingly being educated in general education classrooms, they are often excluded from rich and meaningful literacy experiences like reading and writing stories, book … Continue reading

SOLUTION CHART for Social and Communication Difficulties for People on the Autism Spectrum

This chart identifies issues with social and communication skills for people on the autism spectrum and strategies to help the person. It is important to give consideration to the unique learning characteristics of a person, to provide support when needed, and to build on the person’s many strengths. Also, if you are unsure of the … Continue reading