Reference: The Steps in the Process of Learning for a Person on the Autism Spectrum

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. Take a task and break down the task into smaller parts. Teach the person how to do the smaller part of the task by showing pictures and explaining the task, or by physically do the task in front of them along with the verbal instruction so that they can see it … Continue reading

How to know that you have chosen the correct intervention or treatment

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. There many options for interventions and treatments for an autism spectrum disorder. It can be quite a daunting task to figure out which one to incorporate into a person’s life who is on the autism spectrum. To have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, the person would … Continue reading

People on the Autism Spectrum Have to Learn Information That Neurotypical People Already Understand Instinctively

by Marc Segar I personally believe that the best key to overcoming autism is understanding it. Autism is caused by various biochemical processes that affect the way the brain develops. For some time I believed that the brains of people on the autism spectrum were structured slightly differently so that there is a greater tendency … Continue reading

How to Encourage Observational Learning for a Person on the Autism Spectrum

Many people on the autism spectrum tend to learn by association and find it difficult to learn a new skill by seeing it demonstrated by someone else, known as learning by observation. Observational learning requires: Paying attention to another person’s behaviour Remembering the behaviour you observed Imitate the behaviour you observed How to encourage observational … Continue reading

How People on the Autism Spectrum Learn – A Detailed Explanation

By Razel Grace San Ramon and Adapted by Autism Spectrum Directory In an effort to better understand how people on the Autism Spectrum learn, two different types of learning will be explored: associative learning (classical conditioning and operant conditioning) and observational learning. An example of each learning type will be given as well as the specific … Continue reading

How Do We Learn?

By Razel Grace San Ramon Learning We learn from the things that happen to us – our experiences. For example, we learned that lightning is followed by thunder, we learned not to tell lies because it can cause us to lose our credibility and to lose our friends, or that we learned how to dance by … Continue reading