Behavior Crisis Cycle: How to Stop Behavior Escalating into a Crisis

Source: Phase 1: Tension Phase 2: Escalation Phase 3: Physically Acting Out Source: Related Articles: Complete List of All Articles on Autism Spectrum Directory Behavioral Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders SOLUTION CHART for Social and Communication Difficulties for People on the Autism Spectrum Techniques To Use When Helping the Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage … Continue reading

Techniques To Use When Helping a Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage Their Anger And Rage

by Karen Savlov In this article I will discuss how the parent/caregiver or therapist can work with the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who is angry. It is important to remember that the child, teen or adult is angry for a good reason. Because the person with ASD has not had the benefit of … Continue reading

Asperger’s Disorder: Behavior Strategies

by Tasha Kelley Children with Asperger’s are seen as odd by others, can be misunderstood and have difficulty interacting with parents. This article offers strategies. Imagine Peter, a 5th grader, seated in the front of the class repeatedly arguing with his teacher on why physical education (PE) should take place before lunch rather than after. … Continue reading

Reference: Different Techniques or Methods in Teaching ABA

By Autism Spectrum Directory In using the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) teaching method, behavioural science has tested and proven the sequence of how information should be taught and this does not change, but there are different techniques or methods that can be used in each step of the ABA teaching sequence (or trial) to instruct, … Continue reading

iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

This is a list of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Apps compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a different way to teach and it is effective with people on the autism spectrum because the teaching method is a structured, direct way to learn. iTunes apps can be used as a teaching tool for Applied Behavioral … Continue reading

Part 1: What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? How do People on the Autism Spectrum Learn? How is Information Taught Using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)?

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? B.F. Skinner and other psychologists outlined basic principles of behavior which include reinforcement, prompting, fading, shaping, schedules of reinforcement, and other principles. These principles explain the pure science (but not the applied science) of behavior analysis and are used to describe how … Continue reading

SOLUTION CHART for Social and Communication Difficulties for People on the Autism Spectrum

This chart identifies issues with social and communication skills for people on the autism spectrum and strategies to help the person. It is important to give consideration to the unique learning characteristics of a person, to provide support when needed, and to build on the person’s many strengths. Also, if you are unsure of the … Continue reading

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Positive Behavior Management

Children on the autism spectrum have behavior problems that often require different discipline practices than typical children. Children on the autism spectrum think differently than the typical child and perceive rewards and sanctions differently by not responding well to negative reinforcement, as is true with typical children and not necessarily considering isolation to be a … Continue reading

Affordable Computer and Internet-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Programs

by Michael Horn One of the evidenced-based interventions for an autism spectrum disorder is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but there are few people certified in ABA so many families and school districts with children on the autism spectrum do not have convenient access to a trained professional. In addition, when a professional is nearby, the … Continue reading

Behavioral Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Michael Powers, Yale University Individuals with autism spectrum disorders exhibit a range of behavioral excesses and deficits that can interfere significantly with adaptive functioning at home, in the community, and at school. At times these challenging behaviors can cause harm to others or to the person with autism, and often contribute both to isolation … Continue reading