”Fixing” Autism

by Lou An awesome video to encourage you to never give up 🙂 Related Articles: Complete List of All Articles on Autism Spectrum Directory Advertisements

A Father’s Moment

By Patrick Paulitz Reprinted with permission from a featured article that appeared in the September/October 2005 issue of Autism Asperger’s Digest magazine. Learn more, http://www.AutismDigest.com. All of us make daily choices in life. Most of these choices are trivial, like what to have for dinner or what color socks to wear. Other choices are more … Continue reading

Improving Information Processing and Meaningful Communication with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a communication/social/behavioral information processing disorder. This video explains how you can improve information processing and meaningful communication with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Source: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/14971307 Related Articles: Complete List of All Articles on Autism Spectrum Directory

Useful Tools from the ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders Survival Kit’

Notes from a presentation by Susan L. McDowell, M.S. Source: http://www.kdp.org/teachingresources/pdf/podcast/notes_on_autism.pdf Susan’s goal was to provide proactive strategies that would lead to successful encounters with students having autism spectrum disorders. Profile of the Student • Likes/Dislikes: When you know the child can do something, stand your ground, be firm, and don’t back down. Just keep repeating … Continue reading

How to Grieve Missed Milestones

by Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved. I came across a post by Emily Coleman where she described how grief not only came after a diagnosis of a disability for her child, but also came after each missed milestone. This grief is hard to share with friends and family who have a typical developing child because there … Continue reading

Treating an Autism Spectrum Disorder with Diet and Nutrition

Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant, gives a comprehensive presentation to Parents and Clinicians about treating an autism spectrum disorder with diet and nutrition. Part 1 Food Affects Autism; What is Autism? (Social, Communication, Behavior, Physical Symptoms); Underlying Causes & Contributors; Complex Biochemistry. Part 2 Affects of Faulty Sulfation, Autism is a Complex & Interrelated Disorder, Whole … Continue reading

Communications Skills: Verbal Imitation

Copyright 2011 Autism Spectrum Directory. All Rights Reserved. Skill: Communication- Verbal Imitation Goals/Objectives To be able to verbally copy sounds, words, and phrases that are heard. Steps in the Learning Process Step 1: Basic Sounds – Moo, Baah, Ssss Step 2: Oral-Motor Imitation – move mouth, lips and tongue into different positions, example, frown, stick out tongue, push lips … Continue reading

Behavior Crisis Cycle: How to Stop Behavior Escalating into a Crisis

Source: MakingRoom.net Phase 1: Tension Phase 2: Escalation Phase 3: Physically Acting Out Source: MakingRoom.net Related Articles: Complete List of All Articles on Autism Spectrum Directory Behavioral Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders SOLUTION CHART for Social and Communication Difficulties for People on the Autism Spectrum Techniques To Use When Helping the Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage … Continue reading

Helping a Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage Their Anxiety

by Karen Savlov “I cannot ‘come back’ and defend myself. I cannot respond to others. This is scary, beyond scary. It is terrifying. Sometimes the words seem to be accessible, but as I open my mouth they disappear. In the presence of another, I instantly forget what I was going to say. This happens over … Continue reading

Techniques To Use When Helping a Person on the Autism Spectrum Manage Their Anger And Rage

by Karen Savlov In this article I will discuss how the parent/caregiver or therapist can work with the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who is angry. It is important to remember that the child, teen or adult is angry for a good reason. Because the person with ASD has not had the benefit of … Continue reading