Originally the Autism Spectrum Directory was going to be a link directory for resources on the autism spectrum. One day, I had a conversation with my son who has Asperger’s, and I was explaining to him that as a child he had myself and many other people to help guide and direct him and help him cope with living with Asperger’s. I explained to him that my Dad who has Asperger’s as well did not have that kind of help available to him and has not had many opportunities to get help and as a result it has been a difficult life for him. I talked to my son about how there are many resources at this time to help people who have Asperger’s but a lot of the funding for these resources is for people under the age of 21 and as he grows older he will not have teacher’s assistants and therapy programs in adulthood to help him.

On that day I decided to change the focus of the directory from a link list to more of a roadmap with detailed directions for my son, myself and for others. By the grace of God, I have had access to many great resources and I have been able to research and learn methods, processes and concepts that I can teach my son. Hopefully, as he grows older he will apply this learning and these concepts to the many different situations that will happen in his life that he will have to work through.

A person who has an autism spectrum disorder processes information in a different way in their brain than neurotypical person does. My role in my son’s life has been to be fluent in the (systems-based) thinking processes of a person on the autism spectrum and the (experiential/observational-based) thinking processes of a neurotypical person and then to be a translator between the two processes for my son as I try to teach him how to become fluent in the thinking processes of a neurotypical people that is so foreign to him. The information that I have learned and what I teach my son so he can learn I end up also posting on this blog as well.


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