Treating an Autism Spectrum Disorder with Diet and Nutrition

Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant, gives a comprehensive presentation to Parents and Clinicians about treating an autism spectrum disorder with diet and nutrition.

Part 1

Food Affects Autism; What is Autism? (Social, Communication, Behavior, Physical Symptoms); Underlying Causes & Contributors; Complex Biochemistry.

Part 2

Affects of Faulty Sulfation, Autism is a Complex & Interrelated Disorder, Whole Body Biochemistry affects Brain Function How Diet can Help, Symptoms that Diet May Improve, Holistic Nutrition Approach.

Part 3

Nutrition Basics, Unhealthy Ingredients to Avoid, A Healthy Diet for Autism, Need for Fats, Brain Development
Hormone Balance & Mood, Reduce Inflammation.

Part 4

Vital Roles of Saturated Fat, Benefits of Cholesterol, Key Nutrients for Brain Development, Animal Fat: High in Vitamin A & D, Quality Animal Products, Considering Raw Dairy.

Part 5

Protein, Avoiding Soy, Regarding Vegetarian Diets, Carbohydrates.

Part 6

ASD Diet Options; GFCF Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD),Body Ecology Diet, Weston A. Price, & More, Selecting a Foundational Diet.

Part 7

Additional ASD Diets, Nutrition Boosters, Nutrients Needed for Biochemical Pathways, Helpful Supplements
Nutrient Dense Foods, Ways to Boost Nutrient Levels, Juicing & Soaking Seeds & Grains.

Part 8

Fermented Foods, Essential Probiotics, Dairy Free Options, Homemade Bone & Vegetable Broths, Bone Broths and Gelatin, Water and Salt.

Part 9

Beginning an Autism Diet, Removing Artificial Ingredients, Eliminate Foods, Additives, and Factors that Irritate the GI Tract, Avoiding Toxins in the Kitchen, Tips for Picky Eaters.

Part 10

Evolving an Autism Diet, Looking for Improvement, Charting Progress & Further Refinement, Additional Considerations, Assistance & Persistence.

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