Reference: The Steps in the Process of Learning for a Person on the Autism Spectrum

By Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved.

  1. Take a task and break down the task into smaller parts.
  2. Teach the person how to do the smaller part of the task by showing pictures and explaining the task, or by physically do the task in front of them along with the verbal instruction so that they can see it being done.
  3. Ask the person to imitate or copy what you just taught them.
  4. If they imitate it correctly, reinforce their correct imitation in a positive way. If they don’t imitate the task correctly or don’t do it all, assess if there is something preventing them from doing the task, for example, a sensory issue that needs to be adapted for or further simplification of the task because it is still too complex, then repeat the teaching until they imitate the task and reinforce the completion of imitating the task in a positive way
  5. When the smaller parts of the task are all taught, imitated and understood correctly, then connect those smaller parts together into the task as a whole.

The way a person on the autism spectrum processes information does not change, there is a need for a visual demonstration of the task, imitation of the task, correction, and reinforcement of the task.

Copyright Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved.

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