iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps – Non Verbal Communication by Tapping

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This is a list of Non Verbal Communication by Tapping Apps compatible with iPhoneiPod Touchand iPad. One of the three core symptoms for an autism spectrum disorder is communication deficit.

Spubble Lite $free – Allows the user to “speak” individual words, simply by tapping on them, and it allows for complete phrase creation by dragging the word icons to a speech bubble (or “spubble”) at the top of the screen. These icons can also be removed from the spubble simply by dragging them out. The entire phrase can be heard by tapping the green “play” button to the right of the “spubble”. Tapping the red “home” button on the bottom of the screen takes the user back to the main categories screen.

Answers:YesNo HD $1.99 – It has two, large, color-coordinated buttons…one for yes, and one for no.   Press either, and you will hear a voice read your selection.

Tap to Talk $free – Tap a picture and TapToTalk speaks. Each picture can lead to another screen of pictures. It comes with one functional album. If you want to create albums that are individualized to meet the specific needs there is an online subscription service that you use to create your own albums called TapToTalk Designer that includes a library of over 2,000 pictures.

TapSpeak Button for iPad $9.99 – Modernizes the idea of a mechanical switch that records and plays messages with configurable message and button tap feedback.

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad $29.99 – Use instead of sequential message switches to record and customize messages without losing any previously recorded sequences.

TapSpeak Choice for iPad $99.99 – Re-interprets low- to mid-tech communicator for the iPad. It’s a complete communication board editor and player that saves up to 75% of the setup time over conventional devices and virtually eliminates maintenance time. Use the DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson PCS library, your own photos or images, and geometric symbols for visual targets. You can record your own voice for playback (a set of sample libraries include a pre-recorded voice). For those whose motor skill abilities make it necessary to use a switch, TapSpeak Choice support using the iPad screen as a switch for scanning.

Phrase Board $free – allows people to communicate when they are unable to speak. Large “Yes” and “No” buttons allow for simple usage. Scrollable lists of having/feeling statements and want statements provide quick and easy communication. Custom messages input and saved by the user. Message bar reiterates statements chosen.

iMean $4.99 – Turns the entire iPad screen into a large-button keyboard, with text display and word prediction. It allows people who are speech-challenged to communicate their needs and ideas directly, distinctly and independently.video demo

Copyright Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved.

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