iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps – Social Skills and Non Verbal Communication by Body Language

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This is a list of Social Skills and Non Verbal Communication by Body Language Apps compatible with iPhoneiPod Touch and iPad. Two of the three core symptoms for an autism spectrum disorder are communication deficit and social impairment.

Face Cards C $free – An emotion recognition system to use for exploring feelings and the faces that go with them. Face-cards portray the ten most common emotion expressions and can be used to identify and explain feelings.

Expressionist $9.99 – Designed to help users to express, and to help users to model expressions. Expressionist stands out not only by using only highest quality pictures, but also avoid secondary reference (such as using “snail” or “turtle” to represent “slow”). Most importantly, Expressionist does not require learning by using picture encoding (which is a serious flaw in most picture-centric system).  The facial and gesture of the cartoon character is carefully designed such that any visual learner (such as those in the autistic spectrum / autism) would have no issue understanding or modeling it and none of the pictures require learning a symbol/encoding system. video demo

Micro-Expression Trainer $3.99 – The seven universal emotions anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise are brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face according to emotions someone is experiencing. This app will help you improve your recognition of facial expressions and the interpretation of all seven expressions.

emotion x $0.99 – Shows you 30 of the most common emotion expressions in high resolution detail, allowing you to zoom and explore the components of a smile, scowl or grimace. Use emotion x to build on your face reading skills, and to help match facial expressions and feelings. emotion x is a must have for people with autism and Asperger syndrome, and for parents, teachers and therapists too. Touch anywhere to zoom, or to reveal the emotion expression thumbnails, which may be reordered as you wish.

Autism Xpress $free – Designed to encourage people with autism to recognizes and express their emotions.

Facial Expression Recognition Training $0.99 – A game where you make a series of matches for the facial expressions presented by a 3D avatar in sequence. The avatar includes diverse ethnic groups such as white, black and Asian.

FaceReader $4.99 – Facial expression training tool. Unlock the seven universal emotions to become an expert at reading people by learning to recognize subtle expressions and micro-expressions, which appear involuntarily on the face for a fraction of a second.

iVenting $0.99 – Shows expressions and moods in a visual manner by viewing images and sounds.

ExpertVideo: Body Language Decoded $0.99 – Video collection of body language tutorials. Learn how to appear relaxed and confident, or how to tell if someone is lying to you. Learn the basics of reading body language, and how your own body language and project confidence. Also, chat within the application to share your thoughts and comments on a moderated discussion panel.

Expressive Voice Culture $0.99 – Voice is a natural reporter of the conditions, emotions, thoughts, and purposes (character and states or conditions) of the individual. Perfect modulation of tone and movement which, without self-consciousness, communicates exactly the meaning and purpose which impel the utterances of the speaker. This book app explains a simple and logical basis for practice of expressive voice.

Body Language by VK $1.99 – This book is a comprehensive guide to the language of body postures and gestures. It has pictures detailing the gestures and the meanings they convey. It enables you to interpret the body language of yourself and others.

iGuides – Basics of Reading Body Language $2.99 – Learn about reading body language,the introductions helps you understand the “big picture”, view chapter by chapter for fastest searching and has step by step, easy to follow instructions.

Louder Than Words $16.99 – Why is it that some people have all the elements of success—education, skills, integrity, motivation—but can’t seem to move from effectiveness to excellence in their life? Louder than Words teaches how to master “non-verbal intelligence,” the ability to interpret and use nonverbal signals to assess and influence others. The “comfort/discomfort” model is used to decode what’s really “being said” at casual exchanges that often impact decisions and reputations. Read about how nonverbal signals affect behavior and watch 22 videos that illustrate just how our body language is sometimes the loudest part of a conversation.

Look in My Eyes – Eye contact is an important communication skill that some children find challenging. “Look in My Eyes” helps them practice this skill – while earning fun rewards and playing creatively. It was designed for children on the autism spectrum – especially those with Asperger’s Syndrome – but any child who has difficulties with eye contact may benefit from playing.

Look in My Eyes Restaurant App $2.99, video demo

Look in My Eyes Car Mechanic App $2.99

Look in My Eyes Dinosaur App $2.99, video demo

Look in My Eyes Undersea App $2.99

Eye Contact Toybox App $2.99

Smile at Me $2.99 – An engaging way to practice the non verbal communication skill of smiling in a safe setting and with fun rewards. video demo

ABA Flashcards: Emotions $free – Identifying, understanding and responding to emotions are very important skills for children to develop. These skills help us to develop relationships with others. This collection includes 50 concrete, colorful images of the 10 most basic emotions.

Getting Flirty $9.99 – Improve your flirting by decoding face micro expressions. Includes 3 Micro Expression Training Games and over 120 photos of emotional expressions with detailed description of each facial expression based on solid scientific background.

Copyright Autism Spectrum Directory, All Rights Reserved.

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