iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

This is a list of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Apps compatible with iPhoneiPod Touch and iPad.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a different way to teach and it is effective with people on the autism spectrum because the teaching method is a structured, direct way to learn.

iTunes apps can be used as a teaching tool for Applied Behavioral Analysis for the purpose of giving instruction for a skill or task or the apps can be used as a means to collect data for the analytical part of the Applied Behavioral Analysis process.

Comprehensive ABA Apps

ITPADD $7.99 – Developed to provide individualized portable ABA curriculum for multiple people. Features security password to access application, password protected student curriculum database, customizable photo library, customizable audio library, photo capture feature, calculator, tally counter, multiple timers (vibration and audible alerts), storybooks, activity schedules, expressive language skills, receptive language skills, math, reading, verbal imitation, reinforcers, task sequences and much more.

ABA Assessment

ABC Behavior Assessment $0.99 – Designed to help you take the first step in solving problem behaviors, which is to describe what the learner actually does and to place that behavior in a context.The app guides you through the process of developing hypotheses about the functional relations among antecedents, behaviors and consequences – the behavior ABCs. The following key questions are the heart of this app and can help focus your observations on the ABCs: What does the problem look like in terms of actual behavior, i.e., what do you see? What does the learner get, or get away from, by emitting this behavior? Under what conditions does the learner do this behavior, i.e., what events predict it? What do you want the learner to do instead?

Cognitive Behavior Analysis (CBA) $free – Keeps track of when and how often you practiced your behavior. The only thing it requires from you is to insert activities by simply clicking the [+] or [-] button the same time you do your activities. CBA keeps track of time and period between your activities, it gives you hint when it is time for you to practice your behavior next time. All the time giving you the best solution with focus on minimizing your activities. It also notifies you through a time-badge on the iPhone icon the next time it’s time for you to practice your activity.

Discrete Trial Training

ABABasic $1.99 – Makes running discrete trials convenient, accessible, and records all the data into an easy to use and automatic email file, perfect for transferring data to paper file, PC or Mac. Use the camera to take pictures of what you want to test (i.e apples, bike, words, etc) and launch ABABasic. This app will prompt you for all necessary information and the person can either select the items off the iphone/ipad or use it as a guide for present tangible items. All data is recorded and emailed and there is no need clipboards and notebooks. The app can run infinite trials and each discrete trial consist of six turns (for randomization).

Autism Colors $19.99 – This app uses Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to help a person learn the basic colors.

ABA1 Program $9.99 – Allows an ABA tutor to record a set of discrete trials (giving a student an instruction and the student responds then this is repeated a number of times until the student reaches the criterion). The setup can be modified easily for different programs, allowing the tutor to change the instruction given to the student, the number of trials in the program, the pass criterion, and the time allowed for each trial. At the end of the program, the results of all the trials are presented to the tutor, who can then record these results manually.

Prompts (prompting stimulus)

iPrompts $49.99 – picture-based prompting app providing several useful visual prompting tools (no audio prompts or voice output) to help impaired individuals transition from one activity to the next, understand upcoming events, make choices, and focus on the task at hand. Includes picture schedules, captions that can be edited for each image, allowing users to create simple social stories, visual countdown timer, choice prompts and image library. video demo

Rewards (reinforcing stimulus)

iPraiseU $1.99 – If often struggle to think of praise statements beyond “Good job!” or “Well done!” Simply open the app and tap or shake to generate one of 100 positive praise statements. All are general statements appropriate for any positive behavior. Options include using the professionally recorded voice statements or turning off the voice to read the statement yourself.

iReward $4.99 – Choose the behavior you are trying to reinforce, choose your reward, and then choose the number of times the behavior needs to be completed before the reward is earned. Progress is tracked by tapping on a star when the desired behavior is attained. The star will then turn to gold, red, a smiley, or a checked box, depending on what is selected in Settings. When all five stars have been tapped, they turn to the selected setting, indicating that the goal has been attained. You may provide voice praise in the Settings also. You also have the ability to take away progress by removing a star.

iRewardChart $3.99 – Reward a person for good behavior and keep them motivated by typing their name, selecting a few tasks from our list of suggestions, and reward their accomplishments with a single tap in the weekly chart. When stars have been earned, the person can pick from the default list of suggested rewards, or you can setup your own custom rewards tailored for each person.

iRewardChart Lite $free – A full featured free version of iRewardChart but with the limitations that it supports a maximum of one child and a maximum of four tasks per week.

iEarnedThat $1.99 – Turn any picture of a desired reward into a 3D interactive jigsaw puzzle of up to 60 pieces! Set the goal and have the person their reward one puzzle piece at a time. It works because it keeps person interested in accomplishing things through providing instant and ongoing positive reinforcement.

Timers/Data Collectors (for response time or inter trial intervals and data collection)

ABC Data $4.99 – An unobtrusive data collection tool for counting behaviors and recording session duration.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Data Collection

ABC Data Pro $27.99 – For multi-mode data collection to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies. An unobtrusive data collection tool for behavior and/or event counting, partial interval recording, full interval recording, and ABC (FBA) recording

Skill Tracker Pro $29.99 – Automates ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy  instruction for people on the autism spectrum by tracking unlimited clients and observers, optional video capture and charting/export of all data and is very flexible in that each client and skill can be configured. The skill data collection methods include cold probe for skill, cold probe for mands, rate of manding, trial by trial data collection and prompt level tracking. There is a built in library with hundreds of skills and targets that can be assigned to the persons’ curriculum or you can add your own skills and targets. During cold probe data collection, skills and targets are automatically randomized, or the user can choose which target to probe, one at a time.

Behavior Tracker Pro $29.99 – Application that allows BCBAs, behavioral therapists, aides, teachers or parents to track behaviors and graph them.

Behavior Journal $9.99 – A complete utility for people working on target behavior to easily record all behavioral data and sync to the internet portal for detail report creation and analysis robust dashboard or directly email it to yourself.

Autism Track $49.99 – A journaling tool to easily track interventions, behaviors and symptoms using checkboxes and sliders to rate any behavior or symptom. This app is helpful to use in answering the question: “What seems to be working, and what’s not?” Daily log screens provide a snapshot of any particular day’s interventions and behaviors. Users may also graph symptoms and monitor compliance over periods of time. These daily logs and trend reports may be emailed (in PDF format) to review useful information.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Games

List of Learning Games for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

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