How to Let Go and Let God

by Carolyn Cogswell

Letting go at all is difficult for many people, because they believe they must always be in control. Letting go and letting God is difficult for them also, because they may not be sure what they believe about God. If they have difficulty trusting another person, how, then, can they trust a God they do not know exists or what He is like?

On the other hand, some people have no difficulty possessing “blind faith,” that is, maintaining the belief that, “Things always turn out all right.” This is not quite the same as “letting go and letting God,” but it might look the same from the outside. A person who seems to be carefree and self-confident might be said to have lots of faith. But, the question is, faith in what?

Letting go and letting God may be difficult for all people, because even if they have a relationship with God and have positive feelings toward God, they still struggle with their own self-will. Jesus said in order to follow Him, a person needed to lay down his own life. In some cases, this might mean becoming a martyr, but in most, it simply means surrendering to God’s will in everything.

How does one surrender to God’s will in everything? First, a person must believe that God has a person’s best interests at heart, that God is loving and good and wants to bless believers. If one believes that, then letting go and letting God becomes easier, even if the road contains obstacles.

For Christians who believe the Bible is God’s Word, there are so many injunctions to trust, obey, have faith and believe, that a person could write a book simply about those concepts. But the main point in letting go and letting God is to believe that God’s will is to love Him with all one’s heart, mind, soul and strength and love one’s neighbor as one’s self.

If a person succeeds at loving God and his or her neighbor, then everything else should flow out of those two actions. The problem is, according to the Bible, human beings always have to deal with their proclivity to do the wrong thing. In this case, a person could be letting go in the wrong direction. That is where the difficulty lies with letting go and letting God.

How does one know if they are letting God take control or letting some other, possibly evil, forces take over? That is when the peace of God comes into the picture. Many people refer to this as “serenity” or “following the peace.”  Isaiah 26:3, in the Bible, says, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Therefore, keeping one’s mind on God might be the best way to let go and let God.

Copyright Carolyn Cogswell

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